Hide and Seek

Are we hiding something from each other? The pain growing out of distance and finding happiness with other people… We are at crossroads, aren’t we?   Those chirpy little conversations got lost as we grew up Burden of the expectations smothered the delusions when we let up   Less talks and more waiting Can it … More Hide and Seek

Stop and think

While listening to the noises around me, I realized that we are all running after something or running from something The people in the cars are in haste to reach somewhere The people in the train at night cannot wait to meet their family after a long day The lovers can’t wait to meet their … More Stop and think

The Six Colours

The mime, who had black and white stripes Had never seen the colours of life Although he had those red lips painted Whenever he was alone, his smile fainted It was just another day when he met another mime She was as yellow as a lime She took away his blues and filled his life … More The Six Colours


A candle light dinner Two glasses of wine And our pounding hearts This is all that I wish for To peek into those eyes To caress those silky hair To bite those tiny ears of yours This is all that I wish for Your hands on my waist Melodious jazz in the backdrop A soft … More Desire.


I have seen those shimmery eyes They always catch hold of me, those ties Your breath on my hair and my feet, bare That tingling in my gut As pleasant as coffee with hazelnut Your eyes are closed, you say You promised you’d stay Bliss followed the reluctance It became the reason for my existence … More Close.

Simpler Times

Wish I had a time turner Would change the times when the days were warmer When the life was unpredictable When I wouldn’t care about the label Wish I had a time turner Would chase the dreams I once murmured The times when I wasn’t the earner Had to just sit and enjoy the burger … More Simpler Times

Tame your Dragon!

Metaphorically speaking, somewhere inside the caves of our heart and mind, we have our aspirations, beliefs either locked away or lying dormant, just waiting to be rediscovered by the master. They fuel the blazing fire, which, if tamed, can do wonders for us, or it can destroy us from our core. Our mind is no … More Tame your Dragon!