The One with the Three-Legged Race

Some time back, I flew into the realm of my infinite childhood memories. I could see myriads of doors of memoirs waiting to get unlatched. After passing by many, I stumbled across a very peculiar one. It wasn’t something very significant but still caught my attention. 

 I was quite an athlete back then, well, just to be incontrovertibly clear I was hardly six years old that time. I had taken part, correction, I was made to take part ( given the fact I was quite young and my cognitive abilities weren’t that mature 😛 ) in a special kind of race “The Three-Legged Race”. Our astounding performance during the practice sessions confounded not only us but our fellow competitors too. It seemed like a mellifluous orchestra, where melody kindles itself. So, my partner and I became confident of our impending success. I won’t say we became arrogant but retrospectively, it seems like we were oblivious of how “The beautiful concept of Probability” could ruin our success!

Then came the Big Day! We all could sense the excitement in the very air, the commotion, applause and whistling of the crowd boosted our confidence but gave us the chills too. Everything seemed in order, all set for the race we lined up on the track, however, what followed  was a ground shaking experience for us. Alas! We had lost the race. It felt nearly impossible after all those demanding practice sessions! Many years hence, in hindsight, I can say our past does hold the key to our future. Well, it’s easy to misinterpret this simple statement, allow me to elaborate, our past experiences, however trivial they may be, do have the potential to teach us basic but important lessons in life. In this case,

However prepared we may think we are, we must acknowledge the chances of our failure, not because we aren’t worthy, but because situation might not be in our favour.

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14 thoughts on “The One with the Three-Legged Race

  1. Great inspiration, something I should personally remember more often. Failure is always a possibility…all the more reason to try a hard as possible, what have you got to loose right? Thank you

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