Tame your Dragon!

Metaphorically speaking, somewhere inside the caves of our heart and mind, we have our aspirations, beliefs either locked away or lying dormant, just waiting to be rediscovered by the master. They fuel the blazing fire, which, if tamed, can do wonders for us, or it can destroy us from our core. Our mind is no different from the ancient, majestic and above all mysterious “Dragon”.

Human history is engraved with myriads of events where great scholars have striven to unravel the mysteries our mind holds. I believe, the onus is upon us all to discover our minds. We all are different, we come from varying socio-economic backgrounds and many more factors shape the way we not only interpret our thoughts but also our actions. This, my friends, dictates the way we deal with our dragon. Once tamed, we can scale great heights, accomplish our goals and aspirations. On the contrary, if not tamed, the Dragon would wreak havoc, breathing fire and burning down our aspirations. However, “Fire” is also a mark of purity, it has played a great role in the evolution of mankind. For instance, there won’t be a steam engine without fire, which had marked the birth of large scale industrial automation. Similarly, we can manipulate this “Fire” in our favour to drive our actions.

There are times when our “Tamed Dragon” revolts against us. Some of us might have felt that pain, like I have. However, relinquishing our efforts towards “The Goal” won’t resolve our confusion and chaos. I feel there no linearity in the way we can deal with this emotion. Each one of us has to win our own battle. Discover our own way to break free of the cobwebs. One of the best quotes, from the movie “Eragon” –

Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now.


Before I bid Adieu to my wonderful readers, there is one more landscape I would like you all to discover. Sometimes, it isn’t the dragon that causes us trouble, it’s the way we treat it. Something to think about, right?

Your Dragon is a part of you. It’s your best bud. Treat it well!

Love it with all your heart!

And you shall see the true wonders you’re capable of!


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