A year brings turbulence for some people, for others it brings new beginnings. Sometimes, it’s just another set of 365 days meant to make one older. I still have impeccable memories of the good times when year endings were quite overwhelming. The concept of new year, the clock striking 12, being remeniscent of the yester years captured my imagination as a child. I used to be full of the joys and spring for the first day of the year, apparently without rhyme or reason. Somehow, I felt all powerful to paint a new beautiful landscape without having to worry about the last one.
Somewhere down the line our gleeful and naive attitude subsides and wisdom sets in. We realise it is simple continuity in life, no wizard would come  and wave his wand to magically take away our woes. We do miss that little child inside us, that peurile approach to life, where everything was just another stone to be overturned. Well, that is our past but we still have ourselves. It is just a matter of rediscovering the child within us amalgamated with the wisdom we have attained. We have all the reason to be as thrilled to bits as we were then, life will keep pelting stones, it’s upto us to take cover.  

Wishing you all a  happy and remarkable New Year !!  🙂 

From Hiccup and Toothless ❤

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11 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Haha, I’ll keep in touch with your blogs, you write really mature things, I need an inspiration in life. Thanks for that. ☺
    Happy New Year! Keep writing. 😄

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  2. Good post! I completely understand what you are saying. I used to be the kid waiting for the magic when the clock struck 12, eventually I learned that I had to make the magic, and it wouldn’t come falling out of the sky

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