Embrace the Cold Breeze !

The cold breeze takes away the warmth of your body trying to make you understand how it feels to be alone without a companion. When the whole world waits for the spring to come, the cold breeze yearns that someone, someday will embrace it with love and a smile on his face. It tries to make you feel its presence. It is also looking for some warmth and love which is nowhere to be found.

You must be reaching out for the warm clothes, some hot drink, a fireplace and even a person with whom you can get cozy. But, the cold breeze has no one to “chill” out with. It is looking for someone who will not condemn it but will accept it the way it is.

On the other hand, the summer breeze is welcomed with joy and merriment. It is the favourite of the people. Β Thus, Β it will never be able to know and feel the love that the cold breeze looks for. One is deprived of the love and the other is deprived of the hate. These two are perfect for each other yet never together. The day they will be together will be the last of the Earth probably. Those who will see them making love will be devastated and the world will come to an end.

It will be “THE END” of their story.



Toothless ❀

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