Waiting till the End


Gone are the days
It was just a phase
Now it’s all the haze
Oh! That amazing craze!

Morning glory on the night queen
Full of sheen, like a river
Meandering through the meadow
Fostering the flora along

That hollow heart
Floating in the air
Those misty eyes
And the messy hair
Carefreeness turning into carelessness
Wanted you to caress
Embracing the heartfelt mess

Reminiscent of the days bygone,
That smile, that laugh I want,
Like a bird it flew,
Lucky was the wind that touched its wings

Those endless words,
Those eternal stares,
Like a lifetime with the one I care,
Now lost in the herd

Envisaging the upcoming
Rhyming, singing and humming
In the bright moonlight
Everything’s gonna be alright

Hiccup  & Toothless

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